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and so the quest for zestoserum continues.

  • Aug. 17th, 2007 at 4:18 PM
Warning: Morbid.

To save the life (and voice) of Vector, the three of them (Pandora, Florante, and Vector on his shoulders) are on their way to the Bermuda to retrieve this special potion.


Pandora: What's that?

Florante: What's what?

Pandora: That mysterious hissing noise!

Florante: I don't hear any--


Pandora: See! Oh my god, someone's looking at me. Someone's stalking me.

Florante: I think it's a--

Pandora: AAAA! Someone's stalking me!

Voldemort: Sssstalking, you say?

A giant yellow serpent appears from the darkness behind the shrubs, and flashes of white appear as he walks near. He talks (or hisses, rather) in a distinct low voice.

Florante: Who are you? *drops Vector on the ground* Are you evil? Because if you are, I will use Vector's powers on you! Oh. Yeah. I forgot, she's unconscious.

Voldie: You don't know me? I am Voldemort.

Pandora: Are you somehow related to Voldiewhore?

Voldie: Eh..

Pandora: I knew it! OMG. O. M. G.

Voldie: I don't know what you're talking about! No capito!

Pandora: I was talking about the new pair of pants i bought! They were 99% off so they were practically free! Isn't that a great deal?!! But the others wouldn't listen because NO! they were talking about you! Ugh, i hate it when other people don't pay attention. Okay, i give up. You win.

Dudders: I love your travellin' pants, btw, sistah. I wanna Photoshop them so bad.

Voldie: ... Pandora. *irritating shrilly voice pero mababa pa rin*

Pandora: What?

Voldie: nothing.

Florante: We're wasting time. I'm supposed to save Vector so that we could study separately for the Accounting test but you guys won't shut up!

Voldie: Haha. You wanna call your mamma?

Florante: You're a coldie, Voldie.

Voldie: I can revive your beloved, under one condition.

Florante: What?

Voldie: I will take her voice. Because, it is the prettiest voice i have ever heard. My friends over here, Dudders and Kingslee, will remove her voice box from her throat and exchange it with mine. But first.

*Kingslee sharpens a dagger*

*Dudders eats donuts*

Florante: Is that the only way?

Voldie: Yes. But the only way to get it back is to get the zestoserum. If you don't agree with my deal though, she will still remain unconscious.

Dudders: NOOOOO! Voldie. You told them about the zestoserum. Then they'd have an idea on how to get her voice back!

Florante: Never thought of that.

Voldie: Oops! I slipped. Well, boy, what do you say?

Pandora: I think Florante would have a hard time deciding on that.

Florante: Ok Voldie.

And so, the obligatory scene: Kingslee and Dudders perform the procedure.

*Kingslee, with dagger in the air*

Kingslee: This is SPARTA!!!

They slit Vector's throat with the newly-sharpened knife, and obtains the voice box. While, Voldie reaches into his own throat and

Voldie: Aah, achkk. Mamma help me.

He pulls his voice box (see Fig. 1) out of his mouth, the blood dripping from the tips of his fingers.

Fig. 1 - voice box

They implant the voice boxes and...

*Vector regains consciousness but is unable to speak*

*Vector opens mouth but no sound comes out*

Pandora: You know, Vector, i think you're better that way.

Voldie: Tssshchhhh. Isnt thisschhh a happy sighhchhhst?

Florante: Oh! I am going to miss that voice so much.

Voldie: See you around folks. Ciao! Arrivederci!

The trio exits the scene.

Next episode: A STRINGY SIGHT.

the unearthing of vector

  • Jul. 14th, 2007 at 12:48 AM

Chapter Two

Kiyaaaw. Kiiiiiiyyyyyawwww!”

Pandora awakened to the loud screeching of an enormous creature flying above her. She sat up and looked around. Different thoughts were running through her mind, where am I? What happened to me? What was that? Unfortunately for her, she knew no answers to these questions. There was only one thing she knew, she had to find a way back to her beloved town.

She stood up and started heading towards the northern direction. As she trekked up the small hill, she noticed something utterly familiar behind the first and only tree she saw upon awakening into that place. It was one of the gifts she tried to offer the “Nutty Professors,” the gray stone with weird carvings that she painted with a picture of a brown fairy. She was curious as to how it got there and as she picked it up, she noticed the patch of grass from where it lay. It was glowing with a bright green color that attracted her and lured her into touching it. As she did this, she experienced an electric current-like shock that made her lose grip of the rock. She sent the rock flying to the air and when it finally fell to the floor, the rock cracked open and revealed …

another being! It was a weird creature and it made sounds like no other she has ever encountered. As Pandora approached the creature, it continued making sounds such as Kchsxiiip! Chsxiiip! Ksssssss! When she got a clearer view of it, she saw that the creature almost seemed like her- like a human being, only a little different. If she were called homo sapien, the creature could have been called homo sapin-sapin, for her skin was very colorful and her hair was glowing with vibrancy. Pandora decided that ‘it’ was also a ‘she’ and that she would make friends with her as she might help her to get back home.

“Kchsxiiip, hello! I’m Vector, thank you for saving me!” Pandora stepped back as she was surprised to hear the creature speak. Did she just say her name was Vector? I must be hallucinating - darn, mushrooms!
“*Kchsxiip*, who are you?” There she goes again, I have never heard a voice like hers, its beautiful, maybe she is a descendant of Mother Earth and their voices are really this harmonious.

“H-h-hello, I’m Pandora”
“Hi! I’m Vector, ahhh ‘Pandora’ *Kchsxiip* that sounds like a nice name, where are you from? * Kchsxiip*”
“It’s a heartbreaking story and I’d rather not bore you with it, all you need to know is that  I came from the Nutty Forest and then there was this huge yellow snake that ate me and then there was darkness, and then I was here. Did that make sense? I usually jumble up my stories but I really hope you can help me.”
“What are you talking about? *Kchsxiip* I completely understand you! I think we’re going to get along really well. And yes, I think I can help you. *Kchsxiip* I lived    here before, you know, and I knew a lot of creatures and for sure, they are willing   to do anything for me. They adore me that much. *Kchsxiip*”
“Ahh, thank you, Vector! Did I mention how beautiful you are? Your bluish-pinkish-greenish skin is to die for.”
“*Kchsxiip* I know. As much as I enjoy your compliments, we have to get going. This place is dangerous *Kchsxiip*, you know”

“Eh? What is this place, anyway? And it is dangerous, a while ag-“
“*Kchsxiip* Shh. Stop talking, you must not say bad things about this place, for it will    give you a punishing you will never forget. *Kchsxiip* Did you not know that this place is called the Bermuda Triangle? *Kchsxiip*”
“I di-“
“How about *Kchsxiip* the grass? Do you not know that it’s Bermuda grass? *Kchsxiip* It’s special and  sacred. *Kchsxiip* We must get away from this place as soon as possible for I don’t want to find out what will happen *Kchsxiip* if we stay”
“If you say so”

And so, Pandora walked behind Vector as she looked for the friends from her past. Under the scorching sun, they talked about other things such as their favorite colors, the people who adored them (in the town for Pandora and everywhere for Vector), but most of all they found out they both had a dislike for reality. They enjoyed imagining things among others, plus sorcery, myths, fairies, spells, codes, and the like.

After roughly 2 hours worth of walking, running and talking, Vector suddenly dropped on the ground. Without neither a word nor a sound stuttered, she fell on the ground and Pandora started panicking. She called for help, yet no one or nothing was there. During what seemed like her 100th plead for help, she heard a familiar sound.

Kiyaaaw. Kiiiiiiyyyyyawwww!”

It was the flying creature she saw earlier, only now it seemed more daunting as it flew towards her. With nearly a body’s distance, the creature landed and revealed a boy clad in black.

“Vector!!!!” he screeched. “What did you do to her?! Who are you?”
“I-I-I did not do anything to her, I’m Pandora, I’m her friend, we were just walking and she collapsed and I don’t know what to do and we were lost and she collapsed  and sh-”
“Wha? Quick! We have to get her the magical flower, it’s the only remedy I know”
“Magic flower? Who are you?”
“I’m Florante! I’m Vector’s gentleman-caller. I’m her lover. I’m her prince. I’m hers, she’s mine. I love her, I-w-we must save her! You must run toward the east and look for the black flower that has broad petals and a white center. It secretes a juice we call zestoserum, that will help her. Now, go!”

“WAIT a minute! I-I-I know of a spell!”
“A spell? If it’s the faster way to reviving my love, then what is it?”
“Ahh, it’s ‘Awushawishlabamba Wingsecuritium Levitatum
“Are you sure it will wo-”

But before Florante could finish his sentence, he and Pandora heard a distinct sound.
*Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip*

“Vector! Vector, my love!” Florante said.
*Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip*
“Vector, talk to me! Why isn't she speaking? What's wrong?”  Pandora, in turn, shouted.

Something has indeed gone terribly wrong, for Vector did open her eyes but she did not speak. She lost the vibrancy to her hair as its color faded into a dull, ugly shade. She lay on the Bermuda grass, her skin colorful, her body motionless and her mouth producing sounds ... *Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip*

"Maybe the spell didn't work! This is all your fault! You're a fake! Y-y-you"
"It worked before! I can prove it to you! I did it correctly!"
"WAIT. I remember something! My Mama Dearest gave me this G.R.A.V.Y. gadget, which according to her, will come in very handy when the time comes!
"Well then,. let's use it!"

So, Pandora and Florante set up their stuff and device a plan to reach the Zesto people while figuring out what the G.R.A.V.Y. does and how it can help them.


What is in store for Vector's future? Will she remain in Florante's heart even if the only words she is able to reply to his "I love you's" is the sound, *Kchsxiip* *Kchsxiip*? Or will they master the use of the G.R.A.V.Y., find the Zesto and cure Vector?

Anything can happen. Find out which one eventually takes place in the coming chapter! :)

the pandora explorations

  • Jul. 13th, 2007 at 12:25 AM
(This is the world surrounding The Triangle. It is not a typical triangle of love--you might say it is, but it is one that borders secrets, and anyone who crosses its lines are cursed. Greetings to Rory, our sponsor Enzo, and our BFFs Sam and Piolo. Enjoy.)

Chapter One

“The Bermuda Triangle got tired of warm weather. It moved to Alaska. Now Santa Claus is missing.” -Stephen Wright, American Actor and Writer

Before Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama and Christopher Colombus lived an explorer unlike any other. She did live in the town, struggling to finish her college degree but her strange theories and the eyes of the public forced her retreat to the Nutty Forests. Unlike the others' mediocre way of sailing on wooden ships and eating shoes (that is so 2000 BC), she (yes, SHE) kept her shoes to run, far away, from the land where the people have eyes. So by the day she ventured deeper into the forest, until the green took 90 percent of her vision, and stopped at the middle of a clearing and sat down.

Pandora the Explorah, in touch with nature? Not quite. She actually had trouble sitting down with the soil sticking to her skirt. But she did not dare touch it with her weirdly-shaped hands, for she thinks human secretion is EVIL. Yes, it is as evil as the yellow snake following her every move. But she does not see it.

She walked around to examine the details of the leaves and was fascinated. There is no other word. Fascinated. She thinks this is the same reason why she was driven to the forest. She claims the people are too fascinated by her physical attributes, but in reality... not. She has a supply of a drug in her blood that causes hallucinations, a result of her dark past, her dark days of jaundice (to be discussed in the future chapters).

All the running made her thirsty. She started to scour the area for water suitable for drinking, or if she's lucky, the frozen malt she loves to drink at the pub in town, but for the unfortunate soul that she was, there was none. She became hungry too, so she started picking mushrooms (using the color palette as her basis for selection).

At the end, she got mushrooms in colors of green, orange, yellow and similar citrus shades and ate them. No one knows if she tried to imagine eating fruits instead of the fungi, but it doesn't matter, the mushrooms were hallucinogenic.

She met these tribesmen. They were called the MöshiMöshi tribe, who loved dressing up in costumes made of straw and other indigenous materials. She first was intimidated, but she pleaded, explaining the details of her tragic life by sign language, and seeing it didn't work, she bribed them with her magic mushrooms. Alas, they were pleased. The mushrooms were rare in their village, and agreed to barter with food and services. She wanted to accustom herself to the tribespeople's ways, so she danced to a popstar song with strange gyrations and decorated herself with fur from an albino wild boar.  The people say that by this she disrespected their god, and that she is "not human enough". So they send her to the elders, the "Nutty Professors".

The "Nutty Professors" were the teachers of the tribe, and being the conquistador Pandora was, she didn't only want to explore, but she wanted to colonize and conquer the tribe. So she thought that the only way she could make her way up the ranks easily was to appease the mentors with gifts and offerings of her scribblings on stone and on scrap material. She made portraits of their god, Mother Earth (the tribe is animistic) but the professors do not recognize her and thought it was a disgrace. They reject her, and she was punished.

Her punishment was to be eaten by the giant yellow snake, who followed her from Day 1. All the while she thought the people's eyes were on her, but she did not notice the unnaturally large serpent that stalked her. Oh well.

She fit into the snake's mouth, surprisingly, but one of its fangs pierced her toe, and after a second everything turned pitch black.

What will happen next?
A) She will be regurgitated by the snake?
B) She will explore the snake's insides..
C) She will be banished to another dimension!

Guess it right and you win a prize.


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